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Кимберли энн скотт

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Дата рождения

10 июня

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  • Kim Chi was born in the USA but moved to South Korea, there living as a child.
  • In the eighth episode of S8 Ru said that Kim’s make-up is inspired by performance artist, Leigh Bowery.
  • Her biological mother doesn’t know she does drag.
  • She first started doing drag with Pearl on Halloween.
  • She helped All-Stars 3 winner Trixie Mattel get her 1st gig as a drag queen in Chicago, Illinois. According to Trixie, they used to share a bed, as well as makeup, and even make out with each other.
  • She’s 7 feet tall in heels, and only learned to walk on them after Season 8.
  • She was the 1st contestant to win a main challenge in Season 8.
  • She is the 1st contestant to go on to win the 1st main challenge and be in the bottom of the second challenge (excluding All Stars).
  • She was the only Season 8 contestant to not lip-sync before the music video challenge.
  • She’s one of the only five to win the 1st and the last challenge in their season, along with Sharon Needles, Violet Chachki, Monique Heart and Trinity the Tuck. But, unlike Sharon, Violet, and Trinity, she and Monique didn’t win their season. She is also the only one to not win a challenge in between the first and last challenges.
  • She has a show with Naomi Smalls on World of Wonder called «M.U.G
  • She was the first contestant to use the Shade Tree on Season 8.
  • She is nicknamed «Shade Chi» by fans, due to her tendency to post shady comments on Twitter and Instagram.
  • She’s the third runner-up who never placed in the Bottom 2 while the winner of her season did, the others are Nina Flowers and Alaska.
  • She’s a fan of the video game franchise «Danganronpa» (her favorite game), as well as the music group LOOΠ∆.
  • It was rumoured that she was asked to be on «All Stars 3«, but declined.
  • Season 11 contestant Soju

    Kim did help Soju get outfits.

    was confused for Kim Chi.

  • Kim Chi was a guest judge on a British show called GLOW UP.
  • Kim Chi appeared in a 2020 SuperBowl ad for Sabra Hummus, along with Miz Cracker.
  • Kim was a contestant on RuPaul’s Drag Race: Live in Las Vegas. Other contestants include Derrick Barry, Naomi Smalls and Shannel.

Championships and accomplishments

  • AAW: Professional Wrestling Redefined

    AAW Women’s Championship (1 time)

  • Beyond Wrestling

    Tournament for Today Women (2016)

    • CHIKARA Grand Championship (1 time)
    • CHIKARA Campeonatos de Parejas (1 time) – with The Whisper
    • Challenge of the Immortals (2015) – with El Hijo del Ice Cream, Ice Cream Jr. and Jervis Cottonbelly
    • La Loteria Letal (2018) – with The Whisper
    • King Of Trios (2019) – with Ophidian and Lance Steel
  • Dynamite Championship Wrestling

    DCW Women’s Championship (1 time)

  • Jersey All Pro Wrestling

    JAPW Women’s Championship (1 time)

  • Legacy Wrestling

    Legacy Wrestling Women’s Championship (1 time)

  • Maryland Championship Wrestling

    MCW Women’s Championship (1 time)

  • Pro Wrestling Illustrated
    • PWI ranked her #28 in the 2014 PWI Top 50 Females
    • PWI ranked her #18 in the 2015 PWI Top 50 Females
    • PWI ranked her #17 in the 2016 PWI Top 50 Females
    • PWI ranked her #35 in the 2017 PWI Top 50 Females
    • PWI ranked her #50 in the 2018 PWI Top 100 Females
    • PWI ranked her #90 in the 2019 PWI Top 100 Females
  • SHIMMER Women Athletes
    • SHIMMER Championship (1 time, Current)
    • SHIMMER Tag Team Championship (1 time) — with Cherry Bomb (1)
  • SHINE Wrestling

    SHINE Tag Team Championship (1 time) — with Cherry Bomb (1)

  • Women Superstars Uncensored

    WSU Tag Team Championship (2 times) — with Annie Social

Memorable Quotes

  • «I came to DESTROY EVERYONE, with my make-up.»
  • «Donut come for me!»
  • «Naysha is dancing like a soccer mom. You can get the ball in the goal, kids!»
  • «I’m not going to be ashamed of being hungry, I am hungry!»
  • «Thorgy… Hi!»
  • «I think you’re kind of hot for a black guy, Naomi.»
  • «Naomi Smalls, your wardrobe reminds me of a legendary Drag Race queen… Nicole Paige Brooks.» (on Season 8’s «Reading is Fundamental» challenge, Season 8).
  • «America is a kitchen that needs a strong chef. Never trust a skinny cook.»
  • after measuring a waist* «What a fatass!»
  • «My name is Kim Chi, and say hello to yellow!»
  • «This ad was paid out of my own pocket because no one cares. Do you?»
  • «Hi, this is Kim Chi, and *pulls out puppet*, oh Chi Chi, you’re still here!» (during the «Everybody Loves Puppets» mini-challenge)
  • «I don’t wanna catch anything.»
  • «WHEN’S DINNER?!» (unaired winner acceptance speech on Season 8’s finale)
  • «Hi, I’m the non funny one.»
  • «Michelle Visage—she had her boobs removed this year, which marked the biggest loss for the show since Merle Ginsberg.»

Professional wrestling career

CHIKARA (2014-2016)

2015 would become a much bigger year for the Princess, as she would partake in a 10-man match in the season debut event. When the new «Challenge of the Immortals» double round-robin tournament was announced, she was picked as one of the ten team captains, much to everyone’s surprise given her rookie status. She then drafted what many considered to be a very motley crew as her team, in the form of her friend Jervis Cottonbelly and the previously comedic «jobber» duo of Los Ice Creams. This team were the definite underdogs of the tournament, spending multiple months without a win. But about midway through the tournament, inspired by Lee’s leadership, they started picking up wins, and eventually went on a major surprise winning streak to close the season, bringing them within a stone’s throw of being one of the final two teams. After the points-leader «Dasher’s Dugout» had to forfeit their points, that put KimberLee’s «Crown and Court» team in the finals.

On December 5, 2015, at the season finale «Top Banana», «Crown & Court» won the Challenge of the Immortals tournament, defeating the monster «Wrecking Crew» team in the process. Later in the night, she then cashed in her «Golden Opportunity» after the main event, going on to defeat Hallowicked to win the Chikara Grand Championship. With the win, she became the first female wrestler to hold the top title in a major non-female promotion, but she lost the title back to Hallowicked on May 30, 2016.

What Culture Pro Wrestling (2016)

Frankele made her first appearance whit WCPW on October 6 when she challenged Nixon Newell for the WCPW Women’s Championship at the WCPW Refuse To Lose Pay Per View event; Newell won the match after a controversial ending making Kimber Lee, who teased a face (Good guy) character during the match, attack Newell whit a chair after the match ended, establishing herself as a Heel (Villain). The next day on the fourteenth episode of WCPW Loaded Kimber Lee defeated Little Miss Roxxy in less than two minutes getting the 3 count after hitting a powerbomb; as Kimber tried to attack Roxxy whit a chair after the match, Nixon Newell went to the ring trying to stop her but failed and was attacked by Kimber whit the chair. The following day at WCPW True Legacy Kimber Lee challenged Nixon Newell for the WCPW Women’s Championship once again this time in a street fight whit Melina being the special guest referee; Newell defeated Kimber getting the 3 count after hitting a Canadian Destroyer and retained her championship; Melina attacked Kimber after the match. This was Kimber Lee’s last appearance in WCPW that year.

World Wrestling Entertainment / WWE

NXT (2016-2018)

Frankele made an appearance on the December 7, 2016 episode of NXT wrestling under the name of Kimber Lee and losing to Ember Moon in a 3 minutes match. On January 4, 2017, WWE announced on their official website that Kimber Lee signed with the company and started training at the WWE Performance Center. On January 14, 2017 she made her return to the NXT rings in a house show teaming with Heidi Lovelace in a losing effort against the team of Aliyah and Liv Morgan in a tag team match. In the May 3, 2017 episode of NXT Frankele competed in a battle royal to determine the number one contender for the NXT Women’s Championship, but was eliminated by Ruby Riot (formerly known on the independent circuit as Heidi Lovelace). In a NXT house show on May 13 she competed once again in battle royal to win an opportunity to face Asuka for the NXT Women’s Championship later on the day but was unsuccessful, with Bianca Blair being the winner. She continued participating in house shows wrestling under her real name of Kimberly Frankele until she competed on the June 24 episode of NXT, debuting under the ring name Abbey Laith, teaming with Victoria Gonzalez in a tag match lost to Aliyah & Sarah Logan. On July 13, Laith entered the Mae Young Classic where she advanced in the first round after eliminating Jazzy Gabert. On July 14, Laith advanced in the second round after eliminating Rachael Evers. She then competed in the quarterfinals where she was eliminated by Mercedes Martinez. On October 4, Laith entered a Qualifying Battle Royal for the right to challenge for the NXT Women’s title but lost to Nikki Cross. On October 27 Laith competed in a Halloween Costume Battle Royal won by Shayna Baszler. She went on to finish out the remainder of the year in house shows.

Laith wrestled her final NXT match on March 2, 2018 losing to Vanessa Borne. Six days later on March 8, WWE announced that Laith was released from her NXT contract.

Свадьба и развод

В 1999 году Кимберли официально вышла замуж за Эминема.

Семья долго не просуществовала и после нескольких лет брака они развелись. Одной из причин стала песня «97 Bonnie & Clyde», где Эминем «убивает» свою жену, а затем вместе с дочерью избавляются от трупа.

2000 г. в суде после попытки суицида

После развода Кимберли и Эминем оформили совместную опеку над дочерью.

Тоже интересно: Деми Мур и Брюс Уиллис и их дочери

У Ким периодически были проблемы с законом, так, в 2001 году был выдан ордер на арест, когда она стала принимать наркотики после развода с Эминемом. Её обвинили в употреблении кокаина, но осуждена она не была.

2001 г. в суде

В 2002 году Кимберли встречается с Эриком Хэттером, от которого она родила дочь Уитни. Про их отношения практически нет никакой информации. Позднее Эминем удочерит Уитни.

Проблемы с законом продолжались, в 2003 году Ким обвинили в хранении кокаина, взяли под стражу, приостановили действие её водительской лицензии и приговорили к 30 дням заключения.

Суд 2003 года

После того как Ким вышла из тюрьмы, они с Эминемом помирились.

Примерно в это же время они оформили опеку над дочерью сестры Кимберли, которая не могла победить наркотическую зависимость. В итоге Ким и Эминем совместно занимались воспитанием троих детей.

В 2006 году они повторно поженились.

Кимберли объяснила, что они решили пожениться в честь 15-летия их отношений. Свадьбу сыграли в день их первого свидания. Сама Ким хотела провести неофициальную церемонию, т.к. не хотела, чтобы дети вновь проходили через их развод.

Тем не менее чуть больше чем через месяц они окончательно расстались. После этого они стали выстраивать дружеские отношения ради детей.

Тоже интересно: как сложилась личная жизнь Эминема

Долгое время про Ким не было ничего слышно, пока в 2015 году в состоянии алкогольного опьянения она не попала в автомобильную аварию. Эта ситуация активно освещалась в прессе в том числе из-за того, что стало известно, что таким образом Ким пыталась совершить самоубийство. О причинах этого поступка ничего не известно.

С судебного заседания

Черная полоса в жизни Кимберли продолжилась смертью её сестры от передозировки героином.

Несмотря на тяжёлое детство и все невзгоды, через которые прошла Кимберли, она осталась прекрасной матерью, и её выросшие дочери тому подтверждение.

Phones & Addresses

Kimberly K Franklin1518 Grandview Dr, Watertown, SD 57201(605) 886-7440
Kimberly K Franklin317 Miller Rd, Evansville, IN 47712(812) 421-7553
Kimberly K Franklin4316 Roundtable Ct, West Lafayette, IN 47906(812) 421-7553
Kimberly K Franklin5422 W Esche Dr, Newburgh, IN 47630(812) 490-1714
Kimberly K Franklin2141 N Jay St, Kokomo, IN 46901(317) 823-6253
Kimberly K Franklin11610 Elmwood Ave N, Champlin, MN 55316(763) 712-8303
Kimberly L Franklin1715 101St Ave, Oakland, CA 94603(510) 533-8049
Kimberly K Franklin9800 69Th Ave N, Osseo, MN 55369(763) 531-9348
Kimberly L Franklin308 S Fairground St, Liberty, IN 47353(765) 726-2592
Kimberly L Franklin1252 Walpert St #21, Hayward, CA 94541
Kimberly L Franklin1018 E 17Th St #13, Oakland, CA 94606
Kimberly Lee Franklin856 Normandy Trace Rd, Tampa, FL 33602
Kimberly K Franklin1119 N Philips St, Kokomo, IN 46901
Kimberly K Franklin4525 New Orleans Dr, Plano, TX 75093
Kimberly K Franklin1009 E Mcgalliard Rd, Muncie, IN 47303
Kimberly Kay Franklin843 San Remo, Irvine, CA 92606
Kimberly K Franklin6533 Little Schaefer Rd, Evansville, IN 47720
Kimberly K Franklin3025 Virginia Ave N, Minneapolis, MN 55427
Kimberly L Franklin220 E Amerige Ave, Fullerton, CA 92832
Kimberly L Franklin4227 Silver Spring Rd, Perry Hall, MD 21128
Kimberly Franklin4801 E College Dr # 428C, Saint Joseph, MO 64507
Kimberly Franklin, age 50500 Pleasant View Dr, Stoughton, WI 53589(608) 566-****
Kimberly Franklin4800 Paluxy Dr, Tyler, TX 75703(903) 509-****
Kimberly Franklin4717 Amberley Ave, Baltimore, MD 21229(443) 682-****
Kimberly Franklin, age 504374 Roxbury Dr, Evans, GA 30809(706) 860-****
Kimberly Franklin, age ~404141 Hrizon North Pkwy Apt 821, Dallas, TX 75287
Kimberly Franklin601 Eastwood St Apt B, Bowling Green, KY 42103(270) 783-****
Kimberly Franklin, age 365807 County Road 26, Ragland, AL 35131(205) 559-****
Kimberly Franklin56 Kerry Lynn Ct, Williamstown, NJ 08094
Kimberly Franklin536 Avenue H Se, Winter Haven, FL 33880(863) 293-****
Kimberly Franklin4183 Overbrook Ct, Lenoir, NC 28645
Kimberly Franklin3612 Spring Garden St, Philadelphia, PA 19104(215) 680-****
Kimberly Franklin, age 61347 Overlook Dr, Lucasville, OH 45648
Kimberly Franklin3281 Regal Rd, Bethlehem, PA 18020
Kimberly Franklin3180 Preserve Ln Apt 2C, Cincinnati, OH 45239(513) 385-****
Kimberly Franklin308 S Fairground St, Liberty, IN 47353(765) 458-****
Kimberly Franklin409 S 50Th St, Tacoma, WA 98408
Kimberly Franklin, age 45402 Woodlawn Ave, Cramerton, NC 28032
Kimberly Franklin, age ~4939 Neal Logue Rd, Eufaula, AL 36027
Kimberly Franklin3878 Long Grove Ln, Port Orange, FL 32129(386) 304-****

In wrestling

  • Finishing moves
    • Alligator Clutch (Double leg trap rana)
    • Powerbomb to Alligator Clutch
    • Armbar
    • Yoshitonic (Leg trap sunset flip powerbomb)
    • The Coronation (Reverse Viper Hold)
    • High-angle senton bomb
  • Signature moves
    • Palm strike
    • Brainbuster
    • Hurricanrana
    • Leg lariat
    • Release German Suplex
    • Bicycle Kick
    • Swinging Frankensteiner
    • Satellite Head Scissors
    • Split-legged jawbreaker
    • Sitout powerbomb,  sometimes from the top turnbuckle
    • Alligator Mutilation
    • Knife-edged chop
    • Magistral to Gedo Clutch to bridge pin combination
  • Managers
    • AKUMA
    • Alex Payne
    • Joe Gacy
    • Pelle Primeau
    • Ryan Slater
  • Wrestlers managed

    Drew Gulak

  • Tag teams and Stables
    • Chicks Using Nasty Tactics (w/ Annie Social)
    • Kimber Bombs (w/ Cherry Bomb)
    • LoveLee (w/ Heidi Lovelace)
  • Nicknames
    • «Bombshell»
    • «Princess Palmstrike»
    • «Queen»
    • Kickin’
    • The Princess That Saves Herself
    • Crown Jewel
  • Entrance themes
    • «The New Regime» by Kenny Wootton and Harley Wootton
    • «A Place Darker Still» by 615 Platinum Series  (WWE)
    • «Green Love Machine» by Warner Chappell Production Music (ROH)
    • «Fighter» by Sumo Cyco (PROGRESS)
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