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Дакота роуз: биография и редкие фото живой куклы барби


Azucena Rocío Quispe was born in Cojata, Peru. She suffered a difficult childhood but was provided with plenty of friendly rivalries through her siblings and cousins. Her grandmother, Kantuta Quispe, frequently told her stories of her great-grandfather, Isaías Quispe and instilled in her a hope that he would one day return to them, despite the fact that he had gone missing in 1925. While attending her grandmother’s funeral in 1994, Azucena was horrified to learn that she had previously burned all of Isaías’ letters during one of her hallucinatory periods. Despite this irreplaceable loss of family history, Azucena’s aunt gifted her an old compass that once belonged to the famous English explorer Percy Fawcett who had gifted it to Kantuta as a child.

Azucena soon began her career as an anthropologist concerned with the preservation of Peru’s shared cultural heritage. Her unique familial link to colonial explorers of the 20th century gave her uncommon insight into both how voyages of discovery can shape cultural consciousness, and into the deep and abiding loss created when a shared cultural touchstone is lost. She served for several years in the Policía Nacional Perú (PNP), before reorienting as a freelance archaeologist focused on the discovery and categorization of new archaeological sites. After several run-ins with antiquities traffickers, and failed attempts to bring them down from within, she turned to guerilla tactics and founded the Asociación de patrullero cultural Arqueológico (APCA) in order to seize important cultural discoveries for the Peruvian State.

In 1999, Azucena met a young César «Goyo» Hernández following a bombing that had destroyed his home, killed his father and sister, and severely injured his mother. Azucena taught Hernández to observe his surroundings and to avoid the other boys his age who had been drawn into gang-related affairs. She later encouraged him to enroll at the Heroic Naval Military School. By 2019, Azucena had already spent some 20-odd years in the jungles of Peru, fighting the cartels on her own terms. Through Hernández, Harry Pandey contacted Azucena and successfully recruited her into Rainbow.

Psychological Report

Specialist Azucena Rocío «Amaru» Quispe’s self-awareness is uncanny, especially with regards to what motivates her. Loss is not unusual for an operator to face, but not often in such great numbers, nor in such quick succession.

She learned early on to be at home in the jungle. Her family attachments were the grounding elements in a difficult childhood. While her siblings and cousins provided her with plenty of friendly rivalries, her grandmother’s quiet hope is what she speaks of most fondly. From what I understand, her great-grandfather disappeared a century ago on an expedition to a lost city — details suggest he traveled with Percy Fawcett, though confirmation is impossible — yet Quispe’s grandmother always believed her father would return. Even long after Kantuta’s death, I suspect Quispe still holds the same fairytale notion of an eventual reunion.

Quispe’s strength lies in her uncommon mix of realism and good humor. She isn’t afraid to laugh at the curveballs life throws her, yet she has confessed to me that she feels «haunted» by the ongoing unrest in her home country. She is, first and foremost, possessed of a deep and abiding love for Peru.

I would never accuse Quispe of being a sentimentalist because her interest in preserving her culture is far more mercenary than most people would understand.

The bond between Quispe and Specialist César «Goyo» Ruiz Hernández is clearly something they both treasure. I suspect she accepted the offer to join Rainbow simply to spend time with him, believing that she would be back in the Amazon before too long. What she seeks is more tools to add to her arsenal, but it’s what she has to teach that’s vital to the future of this unit. Without her, we will be hard-pressed to combat the very forces she has been evading for the past 20 years.

In any case, her gregariousness has seen her quickly integrated with the other operators. It remains now only to convince her that this is where she can make the greatest difference, and that task falls to me.

— Dr. Harishva «Harry» Pandey, Director of Rainbow

Gameplay Description

Ace’s Unique Gadget is the SELMA Breaching Device. When thrown onto a breachable surface, the SELMA will extend a set of explosive arms, then detonate, creating a wide opening which can be used to establish line of sight. If there is room on the surface, the SELMA will lower down and detonate two more times, creating a larger opening through which Attackers can enter.

  • The SELMA can also destroy hatches on the floor, but it cannot activate sequential explosions when used on a floor.
  • The SELMA will only activate when thrown onto a breachable surface. Ace can pick up any SELMA which hasn’t activated.


  • The SELMA’s extendable arms can destroy any Defender gadget in the vicinity as they expand, meaning Ace can use one to lower defences from a distance.
  • Gadgets such as Thatcher’s EMP Grenades, Twitch’s Shock Drone, Kali’s LV Lances and Zero’s Argus Cameras, can assist Ace by taking out Defender gadgets which prevent SELMAs from operating.


  • SELMAs can be destroyed by anyone who shoots the gadget, even if has already started its detonation sequence.
  • SELMAs will not work on walls electrified by Bandit’s Shock Wires or Kaid’s Electroclaws.
  • Thrown SELMAs can be intercepted by Jager’s ADS or Wamai’s Mag-Net.
  • Mute’s Signal Jammers can also stop SELMAs from activating. If the Jammer is destroyed, the SELMA will immediately activate again.
  • The SELMAs explosion does little damage to Defenders, meaning they can risk getting close and attack while the breach is ongoing. 
  • The SELMAs can be destroyed by Impact Grenades and a well thrown Nitro Cell once one patch of a SELMA breach is open.


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Биография Дакоты Роуз до славы

Хотя сейчас американская Барби проживает в Токио, родилась она в США (Чикаго, штат Иллинойс).

  • Родители — Кэти и Скотт Остренга. Отец — специалист в области компьютерной техники.
  • Есть старший брат Кайлер и старшая сестра Кирстен, известная как альтернативная модель Kiki Kannibal.
  • В 2005 году семья переехала в Корал-Спрингс, штат Флорида. Там ее отцу предложили более высокооплачиваемую должность.
  • В середине 2000х годов Роуз вместе с сестрой были треш-моделями и публиковали совместные видео на MySpace.
  • В 2010х семья Остренга вновь переехала, обосновавшись в доме бабушки где-то недалеко от Орландо, в штате Флорида.

Став известной, Котакоти решила переехать в Японию. Благодаря своему образу, там она оказалось более востребованной, чем на родине.

Будучи треш-моделью, Остренга выглядела так:


  • SIX12 SDShotgun
  • T-5 SMGSubmachine Gun
  • Impact Grenade x 2
  • Bulletproof Camera x 1
«Cloaked toxic mines injecting a compound which injures opponents and limits their speed.»— Gu Description

Gu mines were inspired by the sharp punji sticks used during the Vietnam War. Rubbed with toxic plants or feces, the stakes served to slow down enemy troops by causing severe infections in their camp. Similarly, Gu mines inject a toxin that injures your opponent and limits their speed. With its cloaking ability, your enemy will be forced to make quick decisions. Starting with one Gu mine, your inventory will increase until it reaches a maximum of eight mines. Since time is on Lesion’s side, you will be able to lure your mark into desperate rushes.

Gu Mine

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Device Evaluation

Device: Gu Mine
Operator: Specialist Liu «Lesion» Tze Long
Evaluation Lead: Specialist Liu «Lesion» Tze Long with Specialist Gustave «Doc» Kateb

As was the case with Smoke’s Z8 Grenades, testing of the Gu Mines required extra precautions (checklist attached). Also, Specialist (Doc) Kateb was present to further his research in toxic substances, in particular how the Gu toxin affects the metabolism. As I told Doc, it fascinates me to see how the data supports the anecdotal stories that my father and grandfather used to tell me.

For this evaluation we focused mostly on assessing the dose-response curve and I think you’ll find the results are very interesting (see attached). I should note that Doc was adamant that no animals be used in the tests and so with Specialist (Twitch) Pichon’s aid, we utilized test strips along with other non- harmful testing methods (details attached).

It was a pleasure to work alongside Doc and Twitch in the lab. So maybe now that they know me better they’ll realise l’m not some old cat who burns his whiskers and will stop telling me to go home when they think I’m overworked.

— Lesion

Gameplay Description

A Heavy Armored Operator, Kaid is equipped with two throwable «Rtila» Electroclaws that can be thrown onto any surface it can attach to, electrifying metal objects within a certain radius of the gadget.

Kaid deploys the Electroclaws by throwing them and letting them attach to surfaces.

After an Electroclaw is deployed and attaches to a surface, it will take four seconds to charge up, displaying its electrifying radius in the progress. After the charge up ends, all metallic gadgets within an Electroclaw’s electrifying radius are shocked.

The effective radius does go through surfaces, meaning that the Electroclaw is able to electrify metal objects on the other side of a wall, as long as the Electroclaw’s effective radius touches them.

  • The Electroclaws are shock-proof electronic gadgets, and can thus be:
    • Detected by IQ’s Electronics Detector
    • Disabled by Thatcher’s EMP Grenades
    • Destroyed by darts fired by Twitch’s Shock Drones


  • AK-12Assault Rifle
  • M1014Shotgun
  • Breach Charge x 3
  • Smoke Grenade x 2
» S.E.L.M.A. combines the demolitionist’s explosive force with the humanitarian’s care for saving lives.»— Mira

We wouldn’t blame you if the term breaching makes you think of fiery explosions. If not with a hammer or a spark, walls have mostly been compromised by fire so far. With Ace, that’s about to change.

With the S.E.L.M.A. Aqua Breacher, water is the name of the game. It makes use of hydraulic pressure to burst through breakable and reinforced surfaces. The cylinder is thrown on whatever Ace is trying to breach, and then it opens to fully deploy. It explodes one time on floors, ceilings and hatches, but on walls the cylinder rolls down to deploy up to three times, if space allows. Each of these deployments leaves a clean rectangle breach, combining to create a hole big enough for an Operator to go through easily.

The S.E.L.M.A. is quite versatile in nature and with multiple units available to Ace, its ability to be thrown at any height makes him an incredibly reliable hard breacher.

Ability Evaluation

Device: S.E.L.M.A. Aqua Breacher
Operator: Specialist Håvard «Ace» Haugland
Evaluation Lead: Specialist Monika «IQ» Weiss

I’ve reviewed my fair share of climbing equipment, Ace’s S.E.L.M.A. surprised me. Auto-belayers have some application in civilian/hobby spaces but need to be hand-placed — that’s where the S.E.L.M.A. is unique.

The casing ejects a telescopic spike (piton) on sudden deceleration. Some practice is required to ensure the device is optimally placed on contact, but I achieved relative competence after only a few sessions familiarizing myself with its heft and aerodynamics properties. The spike is attached to a pellet, containing both water and explosive, which stays behind as the «mother» descends to the next breach point, while the pellet unfolds and primes for detonation.

It’s an efficient tool, designed to open walls and other vertical surfaces with minimal risk to the user, and anyone awaiting rescue. The size of the hole it creates is effective for search-and-rescue operations, while inbuilt sensors monitor the dept of the deployed piton, measuring hardness and contesting activation where the structure behind the device is likely to be load-bearing.

It’s an example of specialized tech from the private sector that does one thing, and does it well. We’re lucky to have the chance to try it out in other contexts.

— Monika


  • Mk 14 EBRMarksman Rifle
  • BOSG.12.2Shotgun
  • C75 AutoMachine Pistol
  • SMG-12Machine Pistol
  • Smoke Grenade x 2
  • Stun Grenade x 3
«Uploads a virus that forces enemy devices to emit a loud noise, thereby compromising their position.»— In-game description

Grace utilizes the Ballistic Armor Military Laptop, codenamed Logic Bomb, which she uses to hack enemy PDA tactical devices. The program downloads a virus of her making that can bypass firewalls, turning surrounding devices on and emitting a loud noise to compromise an enemy’s position. The program is short and self-erasing to prevent anyone from unraveling her code and building software to counter Logic Bomb.

Device Evaluation

Device: Ballistic Armor Military Laptop «Logic Bomb»Operator: Specialist Grace «Dokkaebi» NamEvaluation Lead: Specialist Grace «Dokkaebi» Nam

Six wants everyone to learn how the others are using their gadgets, and as R&D Director Mira wants them ASAP. So here I am. Not sure about giving away my programming secrets. But since I doubt most can understand anyway, here goes… My Logic Bomb is known as slag code because it looks like bits and pieces of waste code. All programs above a certain size have «cruft,» expressions that used to serve a purpose but now just take up space. As my professor said, WET code is easiest to hide in, but DRY is easier to exploit.

It slips into the operating system of a device and executes a command (that I designed). It’s smart enough to adapt and self-replicate to survive. Any Defender with a phone is vulnerable. Ring. Ring. Ring. Location revealed. And once that code executes … BOOM. CCTV hack surveillance. I’m all eyes! Jjang!

I’ve heard there are some counter-hacks in the works. And that Mute’s working on jamming It. Don’t get too smug, Mute! Whatever you do, I’ll find a way around it!


— Dokk

Воскрешая чемпиона (2007) (Resurrecting the Champ)

Драма, Зарубежный фильм, Спорт

tagHD 1080, tagHD 720

Режиссер: Род Лури

В ролях: Сэмюэл Л. Джексон, Джош Хартнетт, Рэйчел Николс

Отец Эрика Кернана был известным на всю страну спортивным обозревателем. Эрик решает пойти по стопам своего отца, но как бы Эрик ни старался, он все равно остается лишь бледной тенью отца. Однажды отчаявшийся Кернан встречает на улице бездомного мужчину, который называет себя «Чемпион». Эрику не составляет труда выяснить – кем же на самом деле является этот человек. Узнав, что его новый знакомый бывший боксер Боб Саттерфилд, в прошлом действительно носивший чемпионский пояс, Эрик начинает готовить репортаж, который должен прославить его.


César Ruiz Hernández was eleven years old when a bomb destroyed his home, killing his father and sister and severely injuring his mother. With the help of Specialist Azucena Rocío «Amaru» Quispe, César’s mother Sofia taught him to observe his surroundings, and to avoid the other boys his age who had been drawn into gang-related affairs. She encouraged him to enroll at the Heroic Naval Military School, where he graduated as a teniente de corbeta. He joined the Naval Infantry, then the Amphibious Commando Battalion, participating extensively in anti-smuggling operations and several high-profile arrests. Becoming a member of the Fuerzas Especiales introduced him to the reality that drugs were no longer the primary source of income for the cartels. He began working with UNESCO and INTERPOL to combat antiquities trafficking, where he gained the attention of Rainbow as a mind with a keen tactical sense and exceptional forward-thinking.

Psychological Report

Specialist César «Goyo» Ruiz Hernández is a rare find. His jacket reads like any normal military trajectory, until you notice the devil behind the details. To confirm my theory, during our first meeting I challenged him to a game of chess. I won’t mention how few moves it took him to beat me. César himself seemed to think nothing of it.

This humble attitude is at the heart of his character. His mother, Sofia — who protected him from the brunt of the bomb’s blast — has cultivated an overtly optimistic worldview. Growing up where he did, when he did, she also instilled in him a cat-and-mouse mindset, to keep him clear of the negative influences that would have been especially tempting to a young fatherless boy with too much time on his hands. She was helped in this by Specialist Azucena Rocío «Amaru» Quispe, whose intermittent presence and strong familial values shored up a gap that Sofia alone couldn’t fill. It’s clear to me that Quispe, with her inherent attachment to her country and her family history, provided a stabilizing influence during Hernández’s undoubtedly troubled adolescence.

Hernández is the kind to think carefully before speaking, a trait which can lead people to underestimate him. He is neither churlish nor aloof, but constantly considering the many angles of the problem set before him. His ability to track and guide his quarry, from determining their route to understanding how they will react to threats, is uncanny. In a prosaic example, he brought Specialist Tina Lin «Frost» Tsang a bottle of apple-flavored soda on the first day of Fall, despite them only having met once before. She was unperturbed, but I could see that Hernández had braced himself for a far less positive outcome.

Specialist Hernández has otherwise become a staple of our briefings, his incisive questions highlighting new tactical considerations or encouraging out-of-the-box thinking from the other members of the team. I must admit, it’s refreshing to see what changes a new perspective and an impeccable poker face can bring to an otherwise very self-assured group of individuals.

— Dr. Harishva «Harry» Pandey, Director of Rainbow


Гойо появился в своем первом рекламном ролике в младенчестве, после чего он получил различные роли в телевизионных и мультсериалах. Его телевизионные работы включают в себя Disney’s JoJo’s Circus в 2005 году, Ultra в 2006 году, Super Why! в 2008 году, « Загадки Мердока» в 2008 году, «Слушатель» в 2009 году, «Секрет моего соседа» в 2009 году, « Счастливый город» в 2010 году и повторяющаяся роль Тимми Тиббла в детском телесериале « Артур» в 2010 году.

В 2009 году Гойо сыграл главную роль в пилотной серии ABC Solving Charlie , сыграв Чарли, ребенка-сироту с IQ 190, который помогает своему давно потерянному брату, начинающему детективу, раскрывать преступления. Гойо сыграл Тедди, сына персонажа Джоша Хартнетта , в фильме 2007 года « Воскрешая чемпиона» и сыграл Тимми, внука персонажа Сьюзан Сарандон , в фильме 2007 года « Эмоциональная арифметика» .

В 2011 году Гойо снялся в фильме « Настоящая сталь» в роли Макса Кентона, отчужденного сына Чарли Кентона (Хью Джекман), а также сыграл молодого Тора в супергеройском фильме « Тор» . В 2012 году Гойо озвучил Джейми в художественном фильме DreamWorks Animation « Восстание стражей» , а в 2013 году он снялся в фантастическом триллере « Темное небо» .



Jalal El Fassi was raised on stories of the Fortress, the legendary training facility in the Atlas Mountains. Its incomparable reputation, along with its famed «Kaids» (Commander) were seared into El Fassi.

He joined the GIGR (Royal Moroccan Gendarmerie) at 18, demonstrating natural leadership skills under fire. His ability to effectively command specialized squadrons in joint Trans-Saharan Counterterrorism Initiative (TSCTP) operations led to his promotion as Captain. After years of service, the Fortress’ reigning Commander chose his successor: El Fassi, whose authoritative but ethical style made him a worthy «Kaid».

His imposing presence and strict values led to success with his graduates, and the Fortress quickly gained accolades. He further proved its excellence through the thousands of soldiers who trained or taught on its grounds. Over years of negotiating, he welcomed troops from across Africa and the Middle East, fostering stronger ties between TSCTP members and African Standby Force countries.

Psychological Report

Specialist Jalal «Kaid» El Fassi is an imposing Operator. His appearance alone inspires respect – it’s easy to see why his stature and demeanor strike fear in his students. Or how his body language warrants their respect and cooperation without him having to say a word. Frankly, it’s both daunting and fascinating at the same time.

Specialist El Fassi descends from a long line of Commanders and their Fortress. The Fortress was in disrepute for quite some time, however – some business involving bribes from wealthy families – before El Fassi was at the helm. And it seems his administration not only eliminated these sordid dealings, but elevated the Fortress to heights unimagined by any of his predecessors.

It’s been difficult separating Specialist El Fassi from his role. He’s sacrificed a personal life for the success of his Fortress, and his role makes it difficult to create interpersonal relationships. I suspect he prefers being alone—he certainly isn’t the type to open up and share, but I think I understand why. He’s taken it upon himself to guide and nurture the future of Moroccan Special Forces, and potentially all of North Africa. He is the rock that all others look up to, so Specialist El Fassi shoulders the brunt of that weight with equanimity because he believes nobody else can.

Specialist El Fassi is particularly phlegmatic, and his dedication to his duty as Commander and to the Fortress is resolute. Rainbow spent years trying to persuade him to join, but he is not easily moved. The Fortress and its legacy were instilled in him as a child. It is his home, his castle, and I can see the time he spends there in solitude is invaluable. But we finally managed to cut a deal with him, one that not even the great Kaid could turn down… one to improve his school and propel it into international standing. This will be the first time El Fassi is among equals. Only time will tell how he reacts to not being in a position of authority.

— Dr. Harishva «Harry» Pandey

Телевизионная и кинокарьера

В течение нескольких лет Гойо снялся в телевизионных проектах: «Супер Почему!», «Цирк Джоджо», «Артур», «Расследования Мердока», «Читающий мысли».

В телевизионной картине «Решение Чарли» Дакота снялся в роли Чарли – осиротевшего мальчика, имеющего высочайший интеллект. В сюжете он помогал раскрывать сложные преступления.

В большом кино Гойо появился в семилетнем возрасте. Одной из первых его работ стала роль в картине «Эмоциональная арифметика», где в главных ролях снимались Сюзан Сарандон и Кристофер Пламмер.

Затем Гойо снимался в фильме «ЗащитнеГ», где ему досталась роль Джека Картера, а главную роль исполнил Вуди Харрельсон.

В спортивной драме «Воскрешая чемпиона» он исполнил роль Тедди Кирнана – сына главного героя Эрика. На съемочной площадке мальчик играл с такими знаменитыми актерами, как Сэмюэл Л. Джексон, Кэтрин Моррис, Джош Хартнетт.

Работа в этой картине принесла Дакоте не только признание зрителей и кинокритиков, но и первую номинацию на премию «Молодой актер» (Young Artist Award).

Когда Дакоте исполнилось десять лет, он прошел кастинг на главную роль в фильме режиссера Шона Леви «Живая сталь». Главную роль в картине исполнял Хью Джекман. Продюсером фильма выступил Стивен Спилберг.

Фильм был номинирован на «Оскар» в категории «Лучшие визуальные эффекты». Дакота за свою роль Макса Кентона стал обладателем премии «Молодой актер» (Young Artist Award) и номинантом на премию «Сатурн».

Уже на следующий год Гойо снялся в проекте студии Marvel «Тор», где исполнил роль молодого бога грома Тора.

В 2011 году Дакота стал приглашенным актером в сериале «Р.Л.Стайн: Час призраков», исполнив роль Джоша. За эту работу актер был номинирован на премию «Эмми».

Следующую роль Гойо исполнил в фильме Даррена Аронофски «Ной». Он работал на съемочной площадке со знаменитыми актерами: Расселом Кроу, Эммой Уотсон, Дженнифер Коннели, Энтони Хопкинсом. Дакота исполнил в картине роль молодого Ноя.

В 2013 году Дакота получил одну из главных ролей в фильме «Мрачные небеса» режиссера Скотта Стюарта. Этот кинофильм о проникновении на землю инопланетных существ.

В том же году Гойо начал сниматься в картине «Полуночное солнце», где вновь получил главную роль Люка – мальчика, пытающегося спасти белого медвежонка, потерявшего маму.

В 2012 году Дакота принимал участие в озвучивании анимационной картины «Хранители снов», где его голосом говорил персонаж по имени Джейми.

О личной жизни и предстоящих работах Дакота рассказывает в своем официальном аккаунте Instagram.

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