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Having escaped Heaven, Eve tracks Lucifer down to his club Lux in «O, Ye of Little Faith, Father», leading to their adventure in «All About Eve» where she quickly and tries to be his girlfriend again.

In «Expire Erect» after many nights of sex, and a bonding moment, Eve and Lucifer officially resume their old relationship. However, this soon comes to an end in «Super Bad Boyfriend» when Lucifer realizes that what Eve wanted was his old self and that both of them are changing who they are to fit each other. After several indirect tries and mentioning the dire consequences of Kinley’s prophecy not working, Lucifer finally snaps at Eve and tells her that they are over.

In «Save Lucifer», Eve is unable to accept Lucifer dumping her and is unable to take the hint that she’s not wanted in his life again. She has Maze free William Kinley to get him to say the prophecy is nonsense, but Maze runs out of patience with Eve and tells her to accept that Lucifer didn’t love her. Manipulated by Kinley, Eve gets the idea to summon the demons of hell to convince Lucifer back, unknowingly fulfilling the prophecy as she kills Kinley in an attempt of self-defense, while Kinley serves as a vessel for Dromos, who she sends to find Lucifer.

In «Who’s da New King of Hell?», Eve finally gets snapped at by Lucifer and Chloe, because of her desire to have Lucifer. She redeems herself by helping prevent Charlie from being forced to take Lucifer’s place by the demons. Seeing that she is too out of touch with people’s feelings, Eve decides to explore Earth and discover who she truly is.


Appearances of Amenadiel

Season 1

  • «Pilot»
  • «Lucifer, Stay. Good Devil.»
  • «Manly Whatnots»
  • «Sweet Kicks»
  • «Favorite Son»
  • «Wingman»
  • «Et Tu, Doctor?» (mentioned)
  • «A Priest Walks Into a Bar»
  • «St. Lucifer»
  • «#TeamLucifer»
  • «Take Me Back to Hell»

Season 2

  • «Everything’s Coming Up Lucifer»
  • «Liar, Liar, Slutty Dress on Fire»
  • «Sin-Eater»
  • «Lady Parts»
  • «Weaponizer»
  • «Monster»
  • «Trip to Stabby Town»
  • «Homewrecker»
  • «Quid Pro Ho»
  • «Stewardess Interruptus»
  • «Love Handles» (mentioned; appeared in photo)
  • «A Good Day to Die»
  • «Candy Morningstar»
  • «Deceptive Little Parasite»
  • «God Johnson»
  • «Sympathy for the Goddess»
  • «The Good, the Bad and the Crispy»

Season 3

  • «They’re Back, Aren’t They?»
  • «The One with the Baby Carrot»
  • «Mr. & Mrs. Mazikeen Smith» (mentioned)
  • «What Would Lucifer Do?»
  • «Off the Record» (mentioned)
  • «Chloe Does Lucifer»
  • «The Sinnerman»
  • «The Sin Bin» (mentioned)
  • «City of Angels?»
  • «All About Her»
  • «My Brother’s Keeper»
  • «High School Poppycock»
  • «Infernal Guinea Pig»
  • «Let Pinhead Sing!»
  • «The Last Heartbreak»
  • «Orange is the New Maze»
  • «The Angel of San Bernardino»
  • «Anything Pierce Can Do I Can Do Better»
  • «All Hands on Decker»
  • «Quintessential Deckerstar»
  • «A Devil of My Word» (mentioned)
  • «Boo Normal» (mentioned)
  • «Once Upon a Time»

Season 4

  • «Everything’s Okay»
  • «Somebody’s Been Reading Dante’s Inferno»
  • «O, Ye of Little Faith, Father»
  • «All About Eve»
  • «Expire Erect»
  • «Orgy Pants to Work»
  • «Devil Is as Devil Does»
  • «Super Bad Boyfriend»
  • «Save Lucifer»
  • «Who’s da New King of Hell?»

Season 5

  • «Really Sad Devil Guy»
  • «Lucifer! Lucifer! Lucifer!»
  • «¡Diablo!»
  • «Detective Amenadiel»
  • «BluBallz»
  • «Our Mojo»
  • «Spoiler Alert»

Personality Edit

Before his brief lapse of death, it is implied that he was a corrupt and amoral cop, working with gangsters and LA’s underground as an informant.

Since his resurrection by Amenadiel, Malcolm is shown to be devious and unchecked, even admitting himself that his time in Hell left him deranged. He is psychopathic, killing whenever he sees an opportunity to use it, such as when he killed his own partner and framed it as a suicide as a favor to Dan. He is often seen stuffing his face with food and acting out various hedonistic impulses, implied to have been due to the starvation he faced during his period in Hell. The change in Malcolm’s behavior was so radical, that his wife had gone from devastated at his looming death to defending herself with a shotgun out of desperation. 

Despite whatever apathy he has for authority, he does honor whatever agreements he has with those he bargains with. He hatches a scheme to kill Lucifer and frame Dan for his murder when told to kill him by Amenadiel, only to decline when Lucifer tells him that angels do not have any control over a soul’s fate, nor are they allowed to kill mortals. He then proceeds to kill Satanists Rose Davis and Corazon with the intentions of framing Jacob Williams for their deaths out of a twisted sense of loyalty to Lucifer, thinking that Lucifer would appreciate killing «frauds».

Physical AppearanceEdit

Angels appear human, albeit with large wings. It is unknown whether this is their true form or simply how they choose to appear when outside of Heaven. Lucifer was the only known angel without wings, having severed them after abandoning Hell, leaving large notable scars on his back. After spending time on Earth and committing various sins, Amenadiel’s wings began to stop functioning and decay. However, he regained them when Charlotte Richards died and was able to use them to fly her to Heaven.

Any pattern in the color of their wings is still unknown. Lucifer’s enormous wings were shown to be white and to glow with a divine light, while Amenadiel’s wings were dark grey (although they did have a bright sheen) before they began to decay, when they lost their sheen and coloration, becoming a dull brown. Uriel’s wings are a shade darker than Lucifer’s, still white yet with more grey plumage and a slight shade of grey or cream. Remiel’s wings are mottled shades of brown and tan, similar to a bird’s (which is fitting, since Remiel’s personality is centered around being a huntress.) Michael’s wings are black.

Throughout the Series Edit

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In «Manly Whatnots» and «Sweet Kicks», Amenadiel persuades Mazikeen to help him return Lucifer to hell for his good.

In «Sympathy for the Goddess», an ancient Sumerian text claims that the key for the Flaming Sword was given to God ‘s favorite son. The key is revealed to be Amenadiel’s necklace strongly implying that he is God’s favorite.

In «Quintessential Deckerstar», Amenadiel thanked Charlotte for her help in successfully preventing Chloe and Pierce from getting married, but Charlotte’s comment about still feeling the weight of her guilt has made Amenadiel wonder if angels were also their judges. Leaving the police station after getting the evidence from Charlotte’s old firm, Amenadiel comes across a sobbing Maze who appears to be in distress for driving everyone away. While Maze had planned to tranquilize Amenadiel and take him to Pierce to be killed, Maze changed her mind when Amenadiel said that he would always be there for her while hugging. Later, after Charlotte helped to put away a killer, Amenadiel congratulated her for her deeds. While the two were talking on a bench, Marcus Pierce was hiding in the bushes and attempting to kill Amenadiel. Hearing something in the bushes, Charlotte pushes Amenadiel out of the way, taking two gunshots to her torso, thus saving his life.

Breaking down, Amenadiel speaks with Charlotte who succumbs to her wounds and dies. As he cradles her body, Amenadiel regains his wings and flies to Heaven with Charlotte’s soul. Lucifer and Chloe find Charlotte’s body and Lucifer realizes his brother has gone home.

In «Everything’s Okay», Amenadiel came back from Silver City and confronted Lucifer. He told him about Charlotte, who is now in Heaven, which they both agreed she deserved. Later, he shows up at Linda’s office, where he is surprised to see Linda punching Maze. The three of them made up and became friends again. Amenadiel then tells Linda about how his feelings changed while he was staying at Silver City.

Amenadiel also found out that Linda was pregnant with their child. Following a visit from Remiel, he planned to bring his son and raise him in the Silver City, but changed his mind when he saw how connected Linda was to Charlie.

Helping LuciferEdit

Amenadiel struggles greatly with his calling as a father, and tries to be responsible in his efforts to clean up Lux in Lucifer’s absence. This fails on numerous occasions, however, and he is unable to stop a simple drug transaction, which ends up embarrassing the LAPD when they approach a young teen selling prescription drugs.

When Amenadiel realizes that Michael has come to Earth in an effort to wreak havoc on Lucifer’s life, Amenadiel travels to Hell to inform Lucifer that he must return at once and fix what has been broken. In his stead, Amenadiel once again remains behind to keep order in Hell.

Amenadiel returns from Hell shortly after on God’s orders, much to Lucifer’s surprise. He begins helping out the LAPD for a second time, and is able to help Chloe solve the murder of a nun; this helps bring him closer to God and restores his faith in what he had previously lost. With this, Amenadiel realizes that the relationship between Lucifer and Chloe is not as he first thought and that Lucifer is vulnerable around Chloe because he chooses to be.


Amenadiel quickly realizes that he now relies too heavily on his duty as a parent, and remarks to Maze that he is no longer sure of who he was before he became a father. Maze promises to show Amenadiel what he is missing, but this quickly goes wrong when the two kiss; it becomes clear that Maze too is missing who she used to be. Amenadiel later talks with Linda about these concerns and the fact that Charlie will no longer need the two of them someday.

В культуре

В художественных произведениях

  • М. Ю. Лермонтов, поэма «Ангел Смерти» — «То Ангел Смерти, смертью тленной от уз земных освобожденный!..»
  • Роджер Желязны. Рассказ «Ангел, темный ангел» из сборника «Вариант единорога». 1967 год. «Где-то шел дождь. Обычный или искусственный — где-то всегда идет дождь, когда бы вы об этом не подумали. Помните об этом всегда, если можете».

В кино

  • В фильме «Догма» (1999) режиссёра Кевина Смита появляются ангелы смерти Локи и Бартлби, вокруг которых завязан сюжет фильма. Там также появляется Азраил, но в фильме он является демоном, бывшим ангелом-музой, которого отправили в Ад за отказ сражаться во время войны между Раем и Адом.
  • «Поцелуй смерти» — вьетнамский фильм 2008 года, реж. Нгуен Куанг Зунг. Романтичная комедия в форме азиатско-христианской рождественской сказки для взрослых, в которой Ангел Смерти предстаёт в роли юного сына Повелителя Смерти. По сюжету фильма, молодой Ангел Смерти является изгоем из ада, потому что вопреки своей миссии любит делать добро.
  • Фильм «Знакомьтесь, Джо Блэк» повествует об Ангеле Смерти, решившем сделать перерыв в своей работе.
  • В фильме «Воровка книг» повествование ведётся от лица Ангела Смерти.
  • В фильме «Седьмая печать» (1957) реж. Ингмара Бергмана ангел смерти приходит за рыцарем Антонием Блоком и на протяжении произведения выжидает данную им отсрочку.

Сюжет[править | править код]

Люцифер приводит Хлою на пляж, где показывает ей место, где он ранее сжег свои крылья. Он предлагает ей жест сжигания подарка, подчеркивая тот факт, что она не просто дар от Бога и не должна ассоциироваться как таковая. Декер, однако, отпускает Люцифера и просит ее дать ему немного места, пока она разбирается во всей ситуации.

Люцифер борется с реакцией Хлои и навещает Линду, прося помощи с ситуацией Декера. Линда пытается сказать Люциферу, что Аменадиэль вернулся из ада, но Люцифер прерывает ее, прежде чем она успевает. В конце концов, Люцифер и Аменадиэль встречаются снова, и Люцифер спрашивает, почему Аменадиэль вернулся из ада. Аменадиэль объясняет, что Бог сказал Аменадиэлю, что аду больше не нужен правитель и что и Люцифер, и Аменадиэль могут свободно оставаться на Земле.

Мейз встречается с Линдой после встречи с ее матерью. Линда быстро защищает Лилит, что раздражает Мейз. Однако, чтобы уменьшить гнев Мазикин, Линда объясняет, что однажды она была в похожей ситуации и бросила ребенка, когда ей было 17 лет, вскоре после родов. Это злит Мейз, который вылетает из комнаты.

Хлое вручают дело об убитой на тренировке монахине Виктории Рейнард — травма тупым предметом с синяком на шее. Хлоя находит ситуацию саркастически раздражающей, учитывая обстоятельства, касающиеся ее статуса как дара от Бога. Хлоя обращается к Аменадиэлю за помощью в ситуации отсутствия Люцифера. Хотя Аменадиэль объясняет, что он не может замедлять время или использовать те же способности, что и Люцифер, все монахини вокруг тянутся к Аменадиэлю.

Линда снова разговаривает с Мэйз о своем опыте, объясняя, что она была одна на протяжении всей беременности, но чувствовала, что может дать ей лучшую жизнь без нее. Мейз понимает, что это причина, по которой Линда считает, что она отправляется в ад, но Мейз шокирует ее, показывая, что она знает, где в настоящее время находится ее дочь Адриана.

Аменадиэль и Хлоя разговаривают с монахинями, однако они не могут получить от них много информации, поскольку все они очень очарованы Аменадиэлем. Они узнают, что Мать-Настоятельница ранее была причастна к убийству, и подозревают, что жертва знала о преступлении и хотела сообщить об этом полиции. Мать-настоятельница, однако, сдается и объясняет, что в 16 лет она убила кого-то в целях самозащиты, но примирилась с Богом после присоединения к монастырю; Однако она отрицает убийство Виктории.

Мейз и Линда прибывают в дом открытых дверей, которым управляет белокурая риелторша, дочь Линды. Линда потрясена этим откровением и изо всех сил пытается связно говорить, но Мейз раздражает ее проблемы с отказом.

Аменадиэль и Хлоя противостоят Судьбе Пейдж из-за убийства, и выясняется, что Судьба послала Викторию в качестве информатора, когда Мать-Настоятельница не продала монастырь. Однако она отрицает, что убила Викторию после того, как она стала монахиней. Хлоя просит Дэниела и Люцифера помочь проверить алиби Судьбы. Дэн и Люцифер быстро проверяют алиби и замечают, что одна из женщин на уроке йоги носит обручальное кольцо на шее — Люцифер и Дэн быстро связывают это как орудие убийства.

Одна из монахинь прибывает в участок и просит поговорить с Аменадиэлем. Она пытается поцеловать Аменадиэля, но ситуация быстро становится напряженной. Однако вскоре после этого она сообщает, что Виктория нашла секретную комнату в монастыре, и они отправляются на расследование. Однако их прерывает Хэнк, и быстро выясняется, что он убил Викторию после ссоры. Когда Хэнк разряжает свое оружие, Аменадиэль встает перед Хлоей, защищая ее, одновременно открывая свои ангельские крылья. У Аменадиэля есть мысль: он может отражать веру людей, следовательно, «дар от Бога» — это тот факт, что Хлоя — единственная, кто может видеть Люцифера таким, какой он есть на самом деле.

Хлоя в восторге от новостей и направляется в пентхаус Люцифера, чтобы раскрыть информацию; по логике Аменадиэля, Люцифер предпочитает быть уязвимым рядом с ней. Двое начинают страстно целоваться, и видно, как они обнимаются.

Powers and Abilities

Amenadiel’s true form as an angel.


  • Angel Physiology: As the oldest angel, Amenadiel is among then most powerful of angels, being feared and far superior to most of them, including Uriel, but it was shown that despite being the eldest, Lucifer is more powerful than he is even with his wings lost.
    • Super Strength: Being the eldest angel, Amenadiel is among the strongest of his brothers and sisters, as his strength was feared by all the others, including Uriel. However, his strength rivals Lucifer as the two of them were evenly matched even when the latter was weakened without his wings. After he fell, he demonstrated that he was still stronger than an average human when he fought with Pierce.
    • Immortality: As an angel, Amenadiel cannot be killed by conventional means, and has thus lived for many millennia. He can even survive and withstand mortal wounds, including being stabbed and shot with bullets by humans.
    • Flight: Due to being an angel, Amenadiel has large angel wings and is therefore capable of flying. Like all the other angels, Amenadiel could even hide his wings when walking amongst humans on Earth. After falling, Amenadiel lost his wings and his ability. However, after Charlotte’s death, they returned and he regained his capability.
    • Chronokinesis: Among many of his powerful abilities, he has shown the ability to slow down time, demonstrated when he enters a place where mortal eyes can see his wings extended. After he fell, he lost this power but was still able to retain some level of time manipulation powers. Even after regaining his wings, he confirmed that he has been unable to since he helped save Linda’s life. However, after his fears were preyed on by Michael, his powers returned and uncontrollably stopped time.
    • Resurrection: When a dying Malcolm was taken off his life-support machine, Amenadiel showed that he was able to bring him back to life from his ward window.
    • Healing: When resurrecting Malcolm Graham, Amenadiel healed the gunshot wound that originally killed him.
    • Dimensional Travel: Like all other angels, Amenadiel used his wings to travel between Heaven, Hell, and Earth. He lost this ability when his wings were damaged and his powers weakened after he fell. Upon regaining his wings, Amenadiel regained the ability to travel back to Heaven, as his first act was to travel there with Charlotte’s soul so that she can finally be at blissful peace in the afterlife.


Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Amenadiel is a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant, able to swiftly gain the upper hand against the demon Maze in a duel, even mocking her. He was even able to overpower the immortal Pierce in their fight at Lux. While Amenadiel was able to over-match Lucifer twice, it was when the latter was holding back. When Lucifer is not holding back, Amenadiel is still able to hold his own even if the former is more skilled when weakened.


  • Demonic Weapons: Like all other angels, Amenadiel is vulnerable to demonic blades that are forged in Hell. This is shown when Amenadiel was stabbed by Malcolm with one of Maze’s stolen blades. He was only saved by when Maze used an angel feather from Lucifer’s wings to heal him.
  • Angels: Other angels can hurt Amenadiel, as stated by Lucifer. It was shown that Lucifer was able to physically harm and overpower Amenadiel even with his powers weakened due to lacking his wings and when they fought with Lucifer’s powers at their strongest, he was easily overpowered by Lucifer until Lucifer began holding back to let Amenadiel beat him.
  • Flaming Sword: Like other celestial beings and demons, Amenadiel can vanquished by his sister Azrael’s blade, as demonstrated when Lucifer was forced to kill Uriel. Due to it being a third of the Flaming Sword, it is most likely the effects are still the same when reassembled.
  • Self-Actualization: Angels are also under the same system of judgement as humans. Similar to the manner in which human get judged to determine if they are to go to Hell, if an angel feels a sufficient amount of guilt, it could cause an angel to self-judge themselves as sinners and self-punish themselves to fall and become mortal. Because of Amenadiel’s own personal guilt and feelings of unworthiness, Amenadiel judged himself to guilty and caused himself to fall and lose his wings. His own personal belief in the importance of connecting with humans on Earth and the role his powers over time had on them had caused him to lose access to the ability to manipulate time even after his angelic form was restored. Its implied by a conversation with Remiel that many of his powers remain gone, not just his time manipulation, because of this belief. However, it is still currently a speculation.

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Throughout the Series

In «Take Me Back to Hell», Goddess is referred to as Mom who escaped Hell as Lucifer thinks God chose him to stay on Earth and lock her back in Hell.

In «Everything’s Coming Up Lucifer», Lucifer discussed with Amenadiel of how they gonna find their mom. However, she was able to find Lucifer and show up at his doorstep, experiencing the body’s shock that resulted from the soul having previously died.

In «The Good, the Bad and the Crispy», Lucifer refuses to return Mom to Heaven and instead suggests sending her back to Hell to rule, something that enrages her. Mom goes as far as to severely wound Linda and to threaten all of the humans at the Santa Monica Pier. As time is slowed by Amenadiel to save Linda, Lucifer ignites the Flaming Sword and confronts Mom who insists she just wants to move forward and start over. Telling Mom that returning to Heaven is moving backward instead of forwards which is bad for everyone, Lucifer uses the power of the Flaming Sword to open a tear into a void. Lucifer tells Mom to go into the Void and create a new universe for herself as her way of starting over. Lucifer reminds Mom that if she returns to Heaven, there will be a war and in war there are casualties. Not wanting that for her children, Mom consents and shares a tearful goodbye with Lucifer. She then departs Charlotte’s body and goes into the Void. Lucifer removes the key and tosses the other two pieces of the sword in after her, forever sealing the tear and separating the two universes. Shortly afterwards, as Dan examines the human Charlotte’s body, she comes to life, having been resurrected by Goddess as she left.

In «They’re Back, Aren’t They?», Lucifer reveals to Amenadiel that he sent Goddess into the Void. Lucifer initially suspects that his wings returning are God punishing him for this, but comes to think that «something darker» connected to «the Sinnerman» is behind it.

Throughout the Series Edit

In «Infernal Guinea Pig», in an attempt to remove Cain’s mark, Lucifer brings Abel’s soul to Earth from Hell in order to resurrect him. Abel’s soul lands in the body of a young woman, Bree Garland, instead of an old man as intended.

Abel leaves the hospital and starts trying to convince women to have sex with him, not realizing that he is in a woman’s body. Eventually Amenadiel tracks him down to take him back to Hell. However, Mauricio Solis, a member of a Bolivian drug cartel, shows up to kill Bree. Using a gun Amenadiel gave him, Abel shoots and kills Solis. Lucifer and Cain arrive to the scene but Abel disappears in the chaos.

Later, Abel shows up at Lucifer’s penthouse while Maze and Cain are speaking about him. Abel shoots and kills Cain, but Cain is resurrected after a few moments.

Since Bree Garland is wanted in connection to a bomb and the Bolivian drug cartel, Abel is taken to the LAPD station. There, while flirting with Chloe Decker and Charlotte Richards, he agrees to help with the case. Using Bree’s fingerprint, they open a file cabinet rigged with another bomb. Chloe manages to defuse the bomb, saving Abel’s life.

At the end of the episode, Abel dies after being hit by an ambulance while crossing the street in front of Lux.

History Edit

Uriel was one of the middle-born angels. He was a small child and always wanted to play with Lucifer and his older siblings. However, they excluded him. Since then, he has grown, but he remained subordinate to his elder siblings. His duties include welcoming the souls of deceased, righteous mortals through a speech, which Lucifer describes as being «worse than Hell».

Uriel ventured to Earth in an attempt to eradicate Goddess from existence by using Azrael’s Blade. However, his plan failed when Lucifer killed him with the blade.

In «A Good Day to Die», it was revealed that Uriel’s last words were, «The piece is here.»

Uriel is mentioned in «Once Upon a Time», as it takes place in an alternate universe created by God where the events that led to Uriel coming to Earth and being killed by Lucifer never happened. He is mentioned when Lucifer is checking his suspicion that Amenadiel has not returned to the Silver City in years and has been stuck on Earth due being unable to return Lucifer to Hell, saying that he had heard that Uriel had grown a mustache. When Amenadiel reacted in surprise, this confirmed it for Lucifer.


Early HistoryEdit

Amenadiel is the eldest child of God and Goddess. As an angel child, he played with his siblings, however, he and the other older children often excluded Uriel from their activities. All of his siblings admired and looked up to him. Lucifer mentioned that Michael constantly annoyed him until he hit him with his «atomic wedgies».

Like his siblings, Amenadiel loyally serves God. Sometime after Lucifer’s rebellion. Amenadiel took his mother to Hell under his father’s orders.

Amenadiel was the one that gave Cain his mark.

Circa 1981, for unknown reasons, God asked something of Amenadiel that he never asked before; to go down to Earth and bless a couple who were unable to have a child of their own. That couple was John and Penelope Decker, who would then give birth to Chloe Decker. That was the first and only time God had ever asked Amenadiel to do anything in the same manner.

Weaknesses Edit

As an angel, Amenadiel has his  including the Flaming Sword, demonic weapons, and other supernatural beings.

Self Actualization: Angels are also under the same system of Free will and judgment as humans. Similar to how humans get judged to determine if they are to go to Hell, if an angel feels a sufficient amount of guilt, it could cause an angel to self-judge themselves as sinners and self-punish themselves to fall and become mortal. Because of Amenadiel’s guilt and feelings of unworthiness, Amenadiel judged himself to guilty and caused himself to fall and lose his wings. His personal belief in the importance of connecting with humans on Earth and the role his powers over time had on them had caused him to lose access to the ability to manipulate time even after his angelic form was restored. It is implied by a conversation with Remiel that his time manipulation power has not returned because he believes he shouldn’t use it. When consumed by the fear of his son growing old and dying before him, Amenadiel’s subconscious state caused his power to control time to go out of control and surpass what he was previously able to do before he lost his power which was limited to only slowing time down initially. 

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